Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 8 - ugh 3 more weeks (EXcluding this week)

I think this week will be less stress filled.... I hope :)

I think we are coming along nicely - a few adjustments could be done, but other than that we are on track. We are off next week for the holiday - but hopefully we can meet up to get things going.
Of course you know we only have a few weeks left. I think with the help of our teacher and in class questions, we should be okay.

My other classes are going well, so far so good with my grades, hopefully this semester will bring my GPA up a little more. My projects have been going well especially since I have enjoyed most of them. Just need to add a couple of things to my wish list - such as CS5 and an Apple Computer (nothing too big... hehe).

We will see.... stay tuned!

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